Natalie Nutter

Natalie Nutter
​Board Advisor Member

Natalie Nutter advises the Stanwood Group as a Board Advisor Member and also separately provides services to Stanwood Group clients under independent engagement. Natalie was not always an innovator in generating franchise candidates for her clients. Her path was started in a different direction at the beginning of her career. After graduating as one of 10 women to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University in 1984, she spent the next 15 years working in the Mechanical Design Automation field.

During this time in her career, she was instrumental in Rasna Corporation’s climb to #3 on the Inc. 100 list of “Fastest-Growing Companies” and played a major role in their ability to sell to Parametric Technologies (PTC) for $500 Million. After helping with the PTC transition, Natalie decided to try her hand at business automation through software development using her mechanical automation experience. She became part of the start up team that founded Blue Martini Software, which went public 2 years later in 2000 with a $4.4 Billion peak market cap.

In a few years, Natalie felt a new calling, this time as a Franchise Consultant. It was here that the first inklings of what would later become 5th Avenue Leads were conceived. Her concept grew from growing frustrations with the leads she was getting for her directive in Franchise Development. Too many leads that were unqualified or undesirable wasted her time and resources. She began generating her own leads with great success. Word began to spread that she knew how to get quality franchise leads and soon others asked her to get them leads too.

Once she realized that there was a demand for her leads, she co-founded Mercury Road, and later 5th Avenue Leads. Her proprietary system of finding, qualifying and verifying leads has consistently yielded excellent candidates for franchisors and franchise brokers for nearly a decade.

Natalie’s career experience has served her well. Her education and experience with both mechanical engineering and software development helped her revolutionize the business process and technology for finding new franchise candidates. Using these skills, she has taken franchisee lead generation to the next level and made 5th Avenue Leads one of the fastest growing lead generation companies in the industry.

5th Avenue Leads is a franchisee sales lead generation company that will get you the results you need in an industry where results are hard to get. Through the network of candidate acquisition programs that are linked to a wide variety of franchise categories, they can generate thousands of premium franchisee candidates in real-time. Their unique approach gets the best, call-verified leads that they are proud to deliver to their clients.

5th Avenue Leads uses a proprietary technology coupled with unrivaled process management to ensure that the candidates they deliver are serious about their inquiry, qualified to act, and ready to talk to their franchisors and franchise broker clients. While they get many leads through their sources, they focus on the best-quality leads available. They sift through the inquiries for you to find the best there is to offer so you have the satisfaction of knowing that your company’s time and resources are being put to the best use.

Natalie can be reached at:

5th Avenue Leads
Att: Natalie Nutter, CEO & Founder
2770 Horseshoe Drive South, Suite #6
Naples, FL 34104
Office: (610) 871-1651